Thursday, January 10, 2013

AP Prep Post 1: Siddhartha

1.What the symbol reveals to Siddhartha (both character and theme) about the unity of all beings.
 Leads to his final epiphany and enlightenment. The river is a river, but it is also the connection of all
 creatures great, small, friend, and foe. Only when we realize that everyone we encounter in life is a
necessary part of our journey and someone to learn from will we achieve our own personal enlightenment.

2. What purpose does self-denial serve in Siddhartha? What about self-indulgence?

3. How essential is the setting? Could the novel have taken place anywhere else?


4. Identify a symbol, metaphor, motif etc. that prominently influences Siddhartha's progression as a character.


5.What is the significance of the name Siddhartha?

I honestly don't remember much from Siddhartha. I swear I did read it though. It seems like for most of these questions you would have to need a pretty in depth knowledge of the book and a true understanding of what the author is trying to relay to the readers. It's nothing I haven't seen before though. Just a little brushing up on some of the finer points on skills needed for the AP Exam and I should be fine. I am not unduly worried. Lots of practice AP tests and such would be helpful to me.

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