Sunday, April 7, 2013

Life of Pi questions and essay prompts

1. How does the idea of survival play out in this text?

2. What does Pi try to communicate through his choice of the animals, other than the tiger, with whom he shares the lifeboat?
3. What are important characteristics of Pi and Richard Parker? 

4. Which of the stories seems more believable? Explain

5. How does religion play a role in Pi's journey?

Essay Prompt
Religion plays a key role in Yann Martel's novel Life of Pi. The main character Pi, unusually follows three religions, yet Pi feels following just one is not the important part, the power to believe in them is what is important. How does the author show this theme and what techniques does the use to demonstrate this?

We feel like we know Pi through the entire story then fine out at the end that his story may not be true. Why does Pi make up the second story and how can you tie in his belief I'm religion with it?

Many authors use parallel events and characters to demonstrate their themes in the novel. Chose a work of literature (Life of Pi) where the author use the literary techniques of parallel events and characters to demonstrate their theme. 

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