Wednesday, February 20, 2013


A Cut Above the Rest
Ashley Wilburn: 
Ming Chen:
Danielle Galindo:
Samantha Garrison:
Valerie Gonzalez:
Megan Hardisty: 
Meeting the Requirements
Alicia Hernandez:
Ryunhee Kim: 
Travis Knight:
Abby Kuhlman:
Josh Ng: 
Nathan Oh:
Troy Prober:
Brady Redman:
Felicitas Ruiz: 
Erika Snell:
Justin Thompson: 
Tanner Tuttle: 
Missing a Couple Things
Matthew Patel:
Haleigh Jones:
Reed Conforti: 
Devon Tomooka:
Chanel Yamaguchi:
Dulce Vargas: 
Cassidy Ashlock:
Sebastian Guillen: 
Alex Lane:
Conor McNamara:
Need a Lot of Work
Carly Koertge:
Brittany Cunningham: 
Kristofer Green:
Karianne LaPlante: 
Colleen Livingstone:
Isiah Mabansag: 
Lacey Mougeotte:
Bailey Nelson:
Conner Patzman:
Jason Reinwald:

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