Tuesday, March 19, 2013

BNW Essay

         The people in a Brave New World are locked into a rigid set of rules and beliefs that are not unlike today's society. One minor difference in who you are can cause you to be an outcast and ostracized. You will be criticized and made fun of who you are based on things that you can't even control. Bernard Marx is one who has been made an outcast, due to his lack of conformity to the beliefs and rules that the society has laid out for them. 
          Bernard Marx has been treated like an outsider not only because the way he acts, but for his appearance as well. Rumors had been spread that he had had alcohol put in his test tube, which caused him to be a bit smaller in stature than other Alphas. He has shown an individuality that is unheard of. He dislikes the society in which he lives and does not agree or go along with the way the others behave and interact with one another. The morals set out in the story are ones that are very blunt and forthcoming, as well as being based on the principles of youth and beauty. The people are also very controlled and kept in check through the use of hypnopaedia, which makes Bernard's individualism even more remarkable and astonishing to the society in which he lives. Sexual education is taught at a very young age, they are taught to embrace sex as an everyday occurrence, they take encourage the idea of sleeping with many many partners, they encourage the consumption of taking drugs to escape from troubles, and people reading may question this, but how can they know anything different from what they have grown up with their entire lives. They are set so rigidly in their routine and castes that their is no trace of individualism. Even when you get into the lower castes they make the appearances of thousands the same.  These things just show the lack of individualism and how strange it is from someone to break away from the status quo. 

(Sorry for the bad essay, got back late from a meet and not thinking of the greatest ideas)

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