Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1987 AP Exam

          Essay Number 1
          Leisure can be a difficult thing to have in your life. George Eliot says that the increased amount and quality of technology and the rapid advancement of the human race, has sucked the leisure out of people's lives. George Eliot then analyzes what she believes the definition of leisure is and the actual meaning of the word. Eliot uses detailed language and personification to communicate to the audience on her beliefs of leisure.
          George Eliot also employs the use of personification to help convey her point of view. Eliot doesn't use personification exactly, although, she characterizes "Old Leisure" as human. This gives the audience the opportunity to perceive a better understanding of what "Old Leisure" actually is. The words "he" and "lived" convey a human-like quality to "Old Leisure" The personification is what really let's the reader to establish a connection with "Old Leisure"
          George Eliot employs much descriptive language and text in her writing. This language is used to create a powerful image in the audience's imagination. These images are supposedly meant to supply the audience with an understanding of what the author's belief on what leisure means. Words like "undiseased" convey that she believes "Old Leisure" as something pure and kept from influences of industrialization. The author's selection of words help give the audience a better understanding of the author's point of view on leisure.
          It has been said that we live in a world where we are constantly making progress. George Eliot comes from an era where the world is making the transition into the industrial age. We are able to relate with what she says in "Old Leisure", while she reminds her audience that "Old Leisure" is about the untaintedeness and purity of the world. 

Essay Number 2
          The world in which we live in today is anything but perfect. Authors tend to write about these imperfections to express their opinion, how to fix it, improve it, etc. The novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, describes on of the major issues that is one of the sacred rights that people take for granted, which is privacy. The novel is told in first- person, which better helps us understand the trials and tribulations that they had to go through. The rapid advancement of technology let's the government monitor us at times where things should be kept private. 
          The first person writing style let's the reader better connect with the main character and helps the audience get an intriguing point of view on the issue at hand. The audience is really able to connect with the anxiety that the main character is going through, due to the fact he is constantly being watched. When Winston is captured and has to face the consequences for his actions, it makes the reader really think about their own privacy and how much they really have and don't have. 
          While a book may not affect the world on a big scale, it may affect how a person may perceive the world, it might change their views, or that person may totally disregard what they have read. Author's have the great chance to write about what they believe in and convey it to the public in an interesting way. An author can publish a book that thousands of people may read and his or her book may end up changing people. 
(Multiple Choice questions are a hard copy)

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