Monday, August 20, 2012

Reflections on Week 1

1) There shouldn't be that many factors that will affect my participation in this class. I have access to a computer with internet, as well as having a smart phone. My family is pretty much useless in the technology department, but I have friends that will be able to help me. I'm pretty busy with water polo, and I might be gone a couple days here or there because of water polo.

2)  When I finally understood the rules of the game of water polo, was an amazing learning experience for me. I just finally had a complete knowledge of the game. I was in the pool and I was with my teammates. It taught me that it takes repetition for me to learn. I knew it was happening because I finally had no more questions to ask about all the rules of water polo.

3) I'm excited for the open source learning opportunity and how it can apply to life outside of school and beyond, but I'm also concerned about the workload. I look forward to learning about colleges and all the stuff that applies to that. I think this class will help me with life outside of high school and life after high school. I hope that this class will teach me more about technology and will help me with the college application process.

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