Monday, August 27, 2012

Accolade: something given to a person in order to praise or recognize the person or his accomplishment
- The player was given the accolade of being team captain. 
Acerbity: Sourness of taste, character, or tone
-My friend talking behind my back left me with acerbity.
Attrition: wearing down or wasting away
- The hillside slowly eroded due to natural attrition.
Bromide: a trite saying, platitude
- “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” is a bromide.
Chauvinist: unreasoning devotion to one’s race, sex, etc. with superiority over other races, sex, etc.
-Many women consider men to be chauvinist pigs. 
Chronic: something that lasts for a long time, keeps coming back or continues to happen
- My father has a chronic back injury. 
Expound: to explain further or in more detail
- When I didn't understand the play the first time, my coach tried to expound the drill. 
Factionalism: factional dissension, affiliations with a faction
- Abraham Lincoln's quote, " A divided house cannot stand" was talking about internal factionalism. 
Immaculate: free from mistakes, clean, without sin
- The child wiped the floor and it was immaculate. 
Imprecation: (n) the act of calling for evil or a curse on someone
- The witch yelled out imprecations against the Jews. 
Ineluctable: describes something that will definitely happen
- No matter how hard she tried, getting an A in math was an ineluctable thing for her. 
Mercurial: having qualities suggestive of the god Mercury (clever, shrewd, thievish) and of mercury (quick, volatile, changeable)
- Girls are bi-polar, some days they can be mercurial and the other days crying. 
Palliate: make something less painful or unpleasant, to calm fears
- The pain medicine was supposed to palliate his aching back. 
Protocol: rules and customs of a group or a standard procedure
- Students must follow school protocol. 
Resplendent: full of splendor or dazzling
- The rainbow was resplendent. 
Stigmatize: to make something seem bad or disgraceful
- We seem to willing to stigmatize other people to get whatever we want. 
Sub rosa : secretly, privately, confidentially
- I told her my secret sub rosa. 
Vainglory:extreme self-pride and boastfulness, vanity
- He was so vainglory and narcissistic that nobody wanted to be around y 
Vestige- small amount of something or the last remaining part of something that no longer exists
- There was a vestige of pie left on his plate. 
Volition: the act of using your will to make a conscious decision
- He killed his friend of his own volition.

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