Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hero Assignment

I will be deconstructing the hero Bruce Wayne aka Batman(from the recent movies). Bruce Wayne's call to action happens when a man comes to his cell and offers him a chance out and to become a member of the League of Shadows and to become something more. Bruce reluctantly agrees and starts the initiation process , but he soon disagrees with the methods and the ideas of the League of Shadows and he separates from the and soon fights against the corrupt in Gotham City as Batman. He then begins his journey. He fights off corruption seen in villains and then the corruption in people he once thought he could trust. He faces many trials and tribulations. He is distracted with his love interest Rachel Dawes and he almost stops being Batman for her. He is helped along the way by his butler Alfred. In the end he is faced with his greatest test of saving Gotham from nuclear destruction. We are led to believe that he takes the nuclear device away oversea as the clock is ticking down and that he is making the ultimate sacrifice, which is sacrificing his life to save many. But at the very end we see him alive and well.

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