Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Notes for Pages 64-82

Epic: noting or pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero, in which a series of greatachievements or events is narrated in elevated style

  • Gilgamesh is 4000 years old
  • Gilgamesh built a home for all the major gods
  • He is said to be a third man and two thirds god. 
  • The story takes place in Uruk
  • Uruk was an ancient city of Sumer, and was also situated east of the present bed of the Euphrates river
  • Gilgamesh, as the king of Uruk, pretty does whatever he wants to do without restriction
  • Anu is the Father of the Gods
  •  Ishtar is the Goddess of Love
  • Gilgamesh's father is Lugalbanda 
  • Mother is Lady Wildcow Ninsun
  • Gilgamesh is the vanguard and rear guard of the army 

The Iliad:
  • The Iliad is 3000 years old
  • Zeus is Athena's father and she was born by coming from his brow. 
  • Hector was the commander of the Trojan army
  • Achilles and his army had beaten back Hektor and the Trojan army 
  • Hektor was scared at first, and ran around the city three times 
  • But finally conquered his fear and challenged Achilles to fight
  • Athena disguised herself as a Trojan soldier and lead Hektor to Achilles 
  • Achilles had said that there were to be no oaths between enemies
  • Achilles is fighting because he wants to avenge all the people that Hektor had killed
  • Athena helps Achilles by pretending to be a Trojan warrior that is supposed to be helping Hektor, but secretly gives aid to Achilles
  • Hektor knew he was going to die, but he wanted to go down fighting and to be remembered for years to come
  • Hektor wanted a swift death, and Achilles knew the weakness in the armor that Hektor was wearing and stabbed him in the neck 
  • Achilles has a vendetta against Hektor because Hektor had killed his friend, Patroklos 
  • After Achilles stabs Hektor in the neck he wants to leave him out and be eaten, but Hektor begs to be cremated and promises treasure
  • Achilles refuses and shows Hektor no mercy. 
  • Hektor uses his final breath to curse Achilles saying the gods weren't on his side, but Achilles knew that the gods and fate were in his favor. 

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