Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dear Ophelia

Dear Ophelia,
          I empathize with you, but I fear that your brother and father are right. You must stop being cantankerous and listen to them. Things that Hamlet has done, or rather the lack of things Hamlet has done, should be a harbinger for you to stay away from him. Hamlet is a lackluster character anyways. Although what he says may be mellifluous, he is being deceitful. I beg you not to be obsequious and try to be in his favor. Your future does not bode well with me, if you continues the way you are. He may try to inveigle you to come back to him when you show no interest, but you must remain strong. You must dissimulate yourself. Try not to be too lugubrious with this letter, but I think this is the most beneficial thing for you.

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