Monday, November 19, 2012

Allegory of the Cave

1.     The allegory of the cave represents the different outcomes of how people perceive certain dilehmas and situations and how they tell the difference between truth and fiction.
2.     A key image used in the allegory was the imagery of shadows which represented reality in multiple ways.
3.     The allegory suggests that the process of enlightenment or education requires to erase your past experiences of what you once believed and to have to change and through the significant change you will become a more enlightened and educated self being.
4.     The shackles in the allegory represent the restraint and power imposed on the humans by a source that controls them and posing ignorance into the minds of the prisoners and the cave represents the prison and unfitted home of the prisoners where they live their lives of ignorance in which they cannot be freed from.
5.     In times today there are many shackles to the mind that may not seem like it at first. But all distractions and some rules can almost prohibit us from using our minds in was way that we had originally wanted to. Instead our minds are being controlled to do something that they originally had no intent on doing.
6.     The cave prisoners are ignorant toward the life outside of the cave because they have not known anything else their whole lives. But the freed prisoners have seen the light and the new and improved way of living and pity the cave prisoners for not being able to have them see for themselves the lives outside of the cave.
7.     With knowledge and understanding represented by light kept in mind there are two distinct ways that lack of clarity can occur. This can be through one never having the opportunity to experience the light on the other side and the other is one being cowardly, ignorant and/or stupid toward the light at the end of the tunnel.
8.     According to the allegory cave prisoners are freed through help. As if a friend was showing another the life away from drugs and gangs and into a community of knowledge and better life.
9.     Yes in that I completely agree that there could be a possible distinction between what seems real and what actually is. The mind is a powerful thing and it is so powerful that it can alter reality without the person even knowing that is happening. This can usually be seen through strong emotional conflicts that the mind can trick the person into thinking that something isn’t real when in actuality it is 100 percent real.
10. I have no idea what the answer is.

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