Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vocab #11

Affinity- relationship by marriage
Humans have an affinity for oxygen.
Bilious- of or indicative of a peevish ill nature disposition
Santa Claus is the opposite of a bilious person.
Cognate- of the same nature
There are cognates in Spanish for English.
Corollary- A proposition inferred immediately from a proved proposition with little or no additional proof
A corollary of the mature minor doctrine is the requirement for confidentiality.
Cul-de-sac - a pouch
I live on a cul-de-sac.
Derring-do- a daring action
Jumping off a cliff into the water was a derring-do.
Divination- The art or practice that seeks to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge due to the interpretation of omens
Divination was a course at Hogwarts.
Elixir- A substance capable of prolonging life indefinitely
I wish I had an elixir to live forever.
Folderol- a useless accessory
Many people have folderols and luxuries and are ungreatful and should think about others who are less fortunate.
Gamut- an entire range or series
This is just a basic sentence structure. Once you are familiar with the way gamut interacts with the language, you can experiment with nonstandard forms.
Hoi polloi- the General populace
The hoi polloi chose Obama to be president.
Ineffable- incapable of being expressed in words
I become ineffable around my crush.
Lucubration- to study by night
Many students practice the art of lucubration.
Mnemonic- intended to assist memory
Many use different mnemonic devices to help them remember things.
Obloquy- abusive language
I use obluquys sometimes and I feel bad.
Parameter- an independent variable used to express the coordinates of variable point and functions of them
Finding the parameter can be difficult.
Pundit- a learned man
I am a pundit.
Risible- provoking laughter
I have a risible character and light up a room.
Symptomatic- having the characteristics of a certain disease but arising of a different cause
I was symptomatic of the flu but really I just had food poisoning.
Volte-face- a reversal in policy
There was a volte-face in policy and the ruling was overturned.

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